Control Your Brand on Amazon

There are Many Ways

to Sell on Amazon


Fee-Based Brand Management?

These types of companies are focused on collecting fees for all the different things they do. They then most likely outsource the work to low-cost workers to increase their profit.

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Ignore the Issue?

Incorrect data about the products and possible misrepresentation will decrease your product ranking and competitors will capture your sales. This will cause the customers to be leary and confused about your brand.

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Sell on Amazon Yourself?

You’ll need to learn all the rules, trouble spots, and technology behind eCommerce. Learning how to successfully sell on Amazon is daunting and will take time away from your core business.

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Sell Your Products to Amazon?

You must abide by terms that benefit Amazon, not your brand. Excessive fees and penalties, damage allowance, expensive reports, and complicated processes makes for a very frustrating and expensive experience.

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Your brand needs a retailer that does more than just sell your products. River Retail will help you regain control on Amazon and avoid the misrepresentation of your products. We will relieve the never-ending frustration and fees companies are faced with daily.

Million Buyers

The USA has 328 million people, so 95% of everyone has an account on

Million Mobile Users

Ten Percent of Amazon users in the US use mobile devices

Million Prime Accounts

Almost 30% of all buyers on Amazon pay for Prime membership


Third Party Retailers

52% of Amazon’s fourth-quarter sales in 2018 were from third-party retailers


of eCommerce

Amazon accounts for half of all online sales


Shoppers Go Directly To Amazon

In 2018, 44% of shoppers went directly to Amazon for their online purchases



How does your brand look?

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