Branding on Amazon

Your brand should look great everywhere!

Look your best!

You spend a lot of time and money on branding, and your products should look their best no matter where they appear online. Amazon should not be the exception. While Amazon provides a number of ways to get your branding message in front of customers, sellers don’t typically use any of them. They typically only care about buying your products at the lowest price they can and selling them fast for a profit. Taking the time to enhance descriptions, feature information, photos, and other work would cost them time and money they would rather not spend.

We take the time!

As an exclusive seller of your brand on Amazon, it is in our best interests to ensure your products look their best. We do that by starting with the information you already have and create any additional text and pictures we need. We then work on the titles, features, descriptions, photos, enhanced content, and the storefront to take advantage of all the opportunities Amazon gives to get your branding message in front of buyers. The result is a customer that understands what they are buying, why your product is what they need, and is consistent with any other imagery and marketing you have in place across the Internet. Buyers that are less confused and understand your products fully are more likely to make a purchase.

Getting Started

We can get started right away improving the titles, features, and descriptions of your products. Enhanced content and storefronts require that your brand be registered with Amazon. We will help make that happen whether we are selling your products or you have your own account on Amazon. This registration is of your brand, not for a specific seller. In addition to enhanced content and storefront opportunities, Amazon also gives brands the opportunity to participate in Headline Ads which are better placed than their regular Sponsored Product offering. And if you are concerned about other sellers or counterfeit products, we can work with you to protect your brand in these ways as well. Please contact us and learn all the ways your brand can use Amazon without hurting your other sales channels.