Amazon Store Front

Your products are in front of just about every person in the US. You want them to look appealing, be easily searchable and most importantly, you want the information provided to be current and accurate. All of your competitors are on Amazon as well, so as a result you are competing with them 24/7. A negative experience in any of the previously mentioned areas could mean your competition gets the sale instead of you.

When a brand is registered in Amazon’s brand registry, a multi-page storefront may be created to showcase the brand and its products. This adds value to the product listings. The customizable storefront should display the products’ best images, graphics, and charts to stand out against your competition. This is a marketing tool that should not be overlooked.

Your products are in front of just about every person in the US. You want them to look appealing, be easily searchable and most importantly, you want the information provided to be current and accurate. All of your competitors are on Amazon as well, so as a result you are competing with them 24/7. A negative experience in any of the previously mentioned areas could mean your competition gets the sale instead of you.


Q: I have too many sellers on Amazon already. Why should I add another?

A: How many of them can you call on to fix problems with your listings, make enhancements, and monitor customer feedback? We are easy to contact, and as a seller of your products, we have a vested interest in making them looking their best. Our goals are aligned with yours.

Q: Won’t the other sellers lose sales?

A: Yes, they will. But they are not doing all the work we are offering as part of selling your products.

Q: Will you follow minimum advertised pricing (MAP)?

A: Yes, we will follow MAP. Amazon rotates the Buy Box so all sellers will get sales. While we will only get a percentage of them, the discount we receive for the purchase of your product will allow us to cover the costs associated with the monitoring and creative work we will be doing.

Q: I sell to Amazon through Vendor Central. Can you do all these things for my brand?

A: This will depend on your product. While we cannot compete with Amazon on price, we can sell your product as a multi-pack bundle, variety sets, and in other ways that Amazon will not. With good volume on these products, we will gladly take on the work of improving the listing Amazon is selling. There are 2 other options, 1 where we manage your Vendor Central account, and the other is to stop selling to Amazon. Please contact us so we can discuss these options in more detail.

Q: The price of my product is too low. Can you help me get rid of all these low sellers?

A: Very low prices are the result of multiple sellers competing to get the sale. Each of them wants the next sale so they keep lowering their price until the sale comes through. Amazon’s marketplace is designed to encourage this behavior. For the most part, sellers can only compete on price. If you use distributors, contact them to see if you can get control over who is allowed to buy your products. You will never stop someone from buying your products through a retailer and then reselling it on Amazon. But the cost will likely be too high for them to make much of a profit.

Q: How long does it take to get started?

A: As soon as we have agreed to a cost for your products, we will buy them and start work right away. We will want the pricing to continue for a long enough period of time so that we can cover the costs we will have from improving your listings on Amazon.

Q: How much of a discount are you asking for on my products?

A: This is different for each product and something we work on with you. Most companies have a marketing budget and can use funds from it to cover the discounted price. Amazon reaches just about every home in the US, so you are investing in your brand and ensuring that it looks its best when people view your products on Amazon.

Q: Will you list all of my products?

A: We will start with your top-selling products and work our way down. As long as it generates enough sales to make sense, we will get it listed and available on Amazon. Slow-moving products will require a guarantee of replacement if they should get too close to their expiration date. Amazon does not allow products to be sold having less than 50 days to go on their expiration.


River Retail will optimize your product pages by ensuring you are making use of the variations feature to show all of the different options for purchasing the product. We will also make use of additional features such as the subscribe and save option that encourages repeat business.

Products can have different variations such as flavor or color. To optimize the product listing, make use of variations so the customers can view all relative products in one location. This makes for a better buying experience and can help to increase sales. In addition, lower ranking products will still appear on the same page as products that have a high sales rank. This allows for the less popular products to receive greater visibility. Another valuable tool to make use of is the subscribe and save feature to encourage repeat business.

Product Description

We will provide enticing, informative and optimized product descriptions. Trust is built with customers when product descriptions are polished and legitimate.

Good product descriptions are essential and can help to increase sales. They should be enticing, informative, and optimized. Trust can be built with customers when the product description is polished and legitimate. This is where you need to convince the buyer they need your product.

By making use of enhanced brand content through the use of enhanced graphics and lifestyle images, the products will sell themselves and buyers will be able to shop easily and confidently.

Product Title and Features

River Retail will make sure your title is informative and clear with search-friendly terms. This optimizes your product’s searchability. We will ensure that your product has many photos including lifestyle images. We will also add important feature information that will convince buyers why they should buy your products instead of your competitor’s.

The product title should be informative and clear with search friendly terms. This optimizes the product’s searchability. The title should include verbiage that differentiates your brand from your competitors.

The product photos are the first impression buyers will have of your products. The images should show different angles of the product as well as lifestyle photos showing the product being used.  

The product features, or bullet points, are imperative to add value to the product listing. It should be clear to buyers why they should buy your brand over your competitors’. It is important to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and make the product’s key features relatable and informative.

Avoid Tax Nexus

Selling on Amazon yourself can create what is called a tax nexus. This is where you have business property physically in another state and thus must collect sales tax on any sales in that state.

Selling on Amazon yourself can create what is called a tax nexus. This is where you have business property physically in another state and thus must collect sales tax on any sales in that state. You may also have to file an income tax statement since there is profit generated by the sale of a product in their state. This can affect all aspects of your business because once your company has a tax nexus, it has to comply with the rules of that state in all business activities.

New in 2018, the Supreme Court ruled on South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. that the physical presence was no longer necessary. As a result, many states have adopted what is called an “economic nexus.” Most use the guidelines set up by South Dakota which is where a business has to have either 200 transactions into their state, or over $100,000 in sales. For companies selling on Amazon, it is very easy to meet the 200 transaction requirement.

As a seller of your products on Amazon, the nexus condition would rest on us and keep your business clear of this legal issue.

Branding on Amazon

Your brand should look great everywhere!

Look your best!

You spend a lot of time and money on branding, and your products should look their best no matter where they appear online. Amazon should not be the exception. While Amazon provides a number of ways to get your branding message in front of customers, sellers don’t typically use any of them. They typically only care about buying your products at the lowest price they can and selling them fast for a profit. Taking the time to enhance descriptions, feature information, photos, and other work would cost them time and money they would rather not spend.

We take the time!

As an exclusive seller of your brand on Amazon, it is in our best interests to ensure your products look their best. We do that by starting with the information you already have and create any additional text and pictures we need. We then work on the titles, features, descriptions, photos, enhanced content, and the storefront to take advantage of all the opportunities Amazon gives to get your branding message in front of buyers. The result is a customer that understands what they are buying, why your product is what they need, and is consistent with any other imagery and marketing you have in place across the Internet. Buyers that are less confused and understand your products fully are more likely to make a purchase.

Getting Started

We can get started right away improving the titles, features, and descriptions of your products. Enhanced content and storefronts require that your brand be registered with Amazon. We will help make that happen whether we are selling your products or you have your own account on Amazon. This registration is of your brand, not for a specific seller. In addition to enhanced content and storefront opportunities, Amazon also gives brands the opportunity to participate in Headline Ads which are better placed than their regular Sponsored Product offering. And if you are concerned about other sellers or counterfeit products, we can work with you to protect your brand in these ways as well. Please contact us and learn all the ways your brand can use Amazon without hurting your other sales channels.

Pricing Your Way

Control your prices on Amazon…

When you sell to Amazon, you give up control over pricing

Amazon will set any price they see fit, even if it is nearly half the cost of the next closest seller. Why? Because they probably found it cheaper on another site such as eBay, Walmart, or Jet. It doesn’t matter where they find the lower price, they want to be the lowest, so they drop the price to ensure they have the lowest price. They don’t care what they paid for the product, and eventually, they will come back to you, the manufacturer asking you to lower your price. They will claim the product is not profitable and will not buy it anymore unless the price is dropped and/or you pay them a fee.

Erosion of your customer base

Amazon’s behavior wrecks havoc with your other retailers. They will see the lower prices and request that you lower your costs to them. The cycle repeats and eventually your original buyers stop purchasing and you are left with just one customer, Amazon. This is very dangerous for your business because having just one customer is very risky. Anything they decide will have major repercussions. And since they have all the leverage, you will have to agree to anything they ask.

Getting back control

The way to get control back is to sell ON Amazon and not TO Amazon. Your products should be on Amazon and available to the 300+ million buyers that come there every month. But you want your products to be priced right and displayed well. This is exactly the control we can help you achieve. Through either selling yourself or letting us sell for you, your products will be sold on Amazon according to your pricing needs with a focus on making your brand look great. And best of all, you will be able to achieve this quickly and stop losing money.

Getting Started

Contact us to get started. We will work with you on setting up the best arrangement for your needs, whether that be account management, consulting, or having us sell your products. Our goal is to establish a partnership with you, one in which our goals are aligned, and the sale of your products on Amazon is according to your vision and needs.

Warehousing & Processing

Amazon fulfillment, storage, bundling and …

Full-service logistics!

We’ll store your products in our temperature controlled warehouse and deliver them to Amazon as needed to ensure your product always remains in stock.

We can ship your website orders and will help set up an automated process to ensure timely processing.

And we can handle other shipments such as sending samples to potential customers, pallet deliveries to your distributors, and large orders to your business customers.

Processing the Amazon way!

We will process your products so that they are checked in and available on Amazon quickly and without error. Should there be any problems, we will take care of the issue and ensure that it is resolved in a timely manner. Time is money, and having your products sit in a truck on an Amazon lot can cost you dearly on both. We can advise on changes that may need to be made during manufacturing, or we can bag, wrap, rebox, or whatever is needed to follow Amazon’s packaging guidelines. We save your business time and money by doing it right, and helping you avoid these costs on smaller shipments.

Bundling & Kitting

Customers love variety packs because they want to try everything you have to offer. Or they want to buy a smaller quantity than a whole case preferring 3-6 of an item than the normal 10-12 items in a master case. We will receive products from you in your common case sizes and repackage them into the smaller quantities as needed. This saves you from having to create special packaging, and there is no need to modify your current manufacturing processes. We take what you have and create the sizing and varieties that customers are most likely to buy on Amazon. This service is especially useful when testing new products, or trying out various size combinations to see what works best. Our processing costs are very reasonable, and we will create the new variations on Amazon for you as part of our services which are free if we are serving as your exclusive retailer.

Please note that Amazon no longer allows packages with more than one glass item in them if the contents are a liquid. If the contents are a powder such as spices, then multiple glass items are allowed as long as they are packaged properly.