River Retail will optimize your product pages by ensuring you are making use of the variations feature to show all of the different options for purchasing the product. We will also make use of additional features such as the subscribe and save option that encourages repeat business.

Products can have different variations such as flavor or color. To optimize the product listing, make use of variations so the customers can view all relative products in one location. This makes for a better buying experience and can help to increase sales. In addition, lower ranking products will still appear on the same page as products that have a high sales rank. This allows for the less popular products to receive greater visibility. Another valuable tool to make use of is the subscribe and save feature to encourage repeat business.


River Retail will run advertising campaigns for your products. This will not only increase the product’s visibility when the add is run but also ensures that your products are the ones being shown when a customer uses the search feature. Without proper advertising, your competitors will be the products shown to customers.

Proper advertising increases the product’s visibility. When advertised correctly, customers will see your brand as a search result and not your competitors’. Advertising can also be placed on an individual product page. This means if advertised correctly, an ad can be placed on a competitor’s product! It is imperative to make use of all three ad formats.

Product Description

We will provide enticing, informative and optimized product descriptions. Trust is built with customers when product descriptions are polished and legitimate.

Good product descriptions are essential and can help to increase sales. They should be enticing, informative, and optimized. Trust can be built with customers when the product description is polished and legitimate. This is where you need to convince the buyer they need your product.

By making use of enhanced brand content through the use of enhanced graphics and lifestyle images, the products will sell themselves and buyers will be able to shop easily and confidently.

Product Title and Features

River Retail will make sure your title is informative and clear with search-friendly terms. This optimizes your product’s searchability. We will ensure that your product has many photos including lifestyle images. We will also add important feature information that will convince buyers why they should buy your products instead of your competitor’s.

The product title should be informative and clear with search friendly terms. This optimizes the product’s searchability. The title should include verbiage that differentiates your brand from your competitors.

The product photos are the first impression buyers will have of your products. The images should show different angles of the product as well as lifestyle photos showing the product being used.  

The product features, or bullet points, are imperative to add value to the product listing. It should be clear to buyers why they should buy your brand over your competitors’. It is important to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and make the product’s key features relatable and informative.