Q: I have too many sellers on Amazon already. Why should I add another?

A: How many of them can you call on to fix problems with your listings, make enhancements, and monitor customer feedback? We are easy to contact, and as a seller of your products, we have a vested interest in making them looking their best. Our goals are aligned with yours.

Q: Won’t the other sellers lose sales?

A: Yes, they will. But they are not doing all the work we are offering as part of selling your products.

Q: Will you follow minimum advertised pricing (MAP)?

A: Yes, we will follow MAP. Amazon rotates the Buy Box so all sellers will get sales. While we will only get a percentage of them, the discount we receive for the purchase of your product will allow us to cover the costs associated with the monitoring and creative work we will be doing.

Q: I sell to Amazon through Vendor Central. Can you do all these things for my brand?

A: This will depend on your product. While we cannot compete with Amazon on price, we can sell your product as a multi-pack bundle, variety sets, and in other ways that Amazon will not. With good volume on these products, we will gladly take on the work of improving the listing Amazon is selling. There are 2 other options, 1 where we manage your Vendor Central account, and the other is to stop selling to Amazon. Please contact us so we can discuss these options in more detail.

Q: The price of my product is too low. Can you help me get rid of all these low sellers?

A: Very low prices are the result of multiple sellers competing to get the sale. Each of them wants the next sale so they keep lowering their price until the sale comes through. Amazon’s marketplace is designed to encourage this behavior. For the most part, sellers can only compete on price. If you use distributors, contact them to see if you can get control over who is allowed to buy your products. You will never stop someone from buying your products through a retailer and then reselling it on Amazon. But the cost will likely be too high for them to make much of a profit.

Q: How long does it take to get started?

A: As soon as we have agreed to a cost for your products, we will buy them and start work right away. We will want the pricing to continue for a long enough period of time so that we can cover the costs we will have from improving your listings on Amazon.

Q: How much of a discount are you asking for on my products?

A: This is different for each product and something we work on with you. Most companies have a marketing budget and can use funds from it to cover the discounted price. Amazon reaches just about every home in the US, so you are investing in your brand and ensuring that it looks its best when people view your products on Amazon.

Q: Will you list all of my products?

A: We will start with your top-selling products and work our way down. As long as it generates enough sales to make sense, we will get it listed and available on Amazon. Slow-moving products will require a guarantee of replacement if they should get too close to their expiration date. Amazon does not allow products to be sold having less than 50 days to go on their expiration.