Pricing Your Way

Control your prices on Amazon…

When you sell to Amazon, you give up control over pricing

Amazon will set any price they see fit, even if it is nearly half the cost of the next closest seller. Why? Because they probably found it cheaper on another site such as eBay, Walmart, or Jet. It doesn’t matter where they find the lower price, they want to be the lowest, so they drop the price to ensure they have the lowest price. They don’t care what they paid for the product, and eventually, they will come back to you, the manufacturer asking you to lower your price. They will claim the product is not profitable and will not buy it anymore unless the price is dropped and/or you pay them a fee.

Erosion of your customer base

Amazon’s behavior wrecks havoc with your other retailers. They will see the lower prices and request that you lower your costs to them. The cycle repeats and eventually your original buyers stop purchasing and you are left with just one customer, Amazon. This is very dangerous for your business because having just one customer is very risky. Anything they decide will have major repercussions. And since they have all the leverage, you will have to agree to anything they ask.

Getting back control

The way to get control back is to sell ON Amazon and not TO Amazon. Your products should be on Amazon and available to the 300+ million buyers that come there every month. But you want your products to be priced right and displayed well. This is exactly the control we can help you achieve. Through either selling yourself or letting us sell for you, your products will be sold on Amazon according to your pricing needs with a focus on making your brand look great. And best of all, you will be able to achieve this quickly and stop losing money.

Getting Started

Contact us to get started. We will work with you on setting up the best arrangement for your needs, whether that be account management, consulting, or having us sell your products. Our goal is to establish a partnership with you, one in which our goals are aligned, and the sale of your products on Amazon is according to your vision and needs.