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Product Title and Features

River Retail will make sure your title is informative and clear with search-friendly terms. This optimizes your product’s search-ability. We will ensure that your product has many photos including lifestyle images. We will also add important feature information that will convince buyers why they should buy your products instead of your competitor’s.

Product Variations

River Retail will optimize your product pages by ensuring you are making use of the variations feature to show all of the different options for purchasing the product. We will also make use of additional features such as the subscribe and save option that encourages repeat business.

Product Description

We will provide enticing, informative and optimized product descriptions. Trust is built with customers when product descriptions are polished and legitimate


Buyer Messages – We monitor any messages provided by buyers regarding products, returns or service and provide a response within 48 hours.

Customer Feedback – Our team reviews customer feedback for any that can be corrected or deleted. We create cases with Amazon for anything not pertaining to the seller such as shipping or product issues to hold them responsible for the problem and have the negative feedback removed from your name.

Product Reviews – We monitor reviews that are left on the product detail page to ensure your products are being represented accurately.

Product Q&A – Our team reviews and answers questions left by customers on the product detail page.

Active Campaigns – We ensure advertising campaigns are active and monitor the spending budgets for each campaign.

Inventory – We closely monitor product inventory to make sure there is not inventory stuck in reserved, stranded or low stock.

Pricing – Our team watches for unauthorized pricing changes.

Case Management – We review open cases and respond as needed. We create new cases on an as-needed basis and hold Amazon accountable for any problems caused on their end.

Check for hijackers – Our team closely monitors for other sellers hijacking your posts. We report unauthorized sellers to Amazon so ensure you have full control over your products’ representation.

Check Order Volume – We regularly check the order volume of each product being sold to ensure inventory reflects the volume in which products are being sold.

Advertising Campaigns – Our team makes weekly adjustments to advertising campaigns such as adjusting the keywords that are used or the budget of the campaign based off of what is determined from weekly reports.

Sales – We monitor the sales of your products to ensure we are seeing increases. If there has been a decrease in sales from the previous week, we investigate what may have caused that change and make the necessary adjustments.

Product Photos – Our team reviews product photos for accuracy and to make sure we are using updated photos. We are trained in creating lifestyle images, new images when appropriate, editing bad images. We also closely watch and notify Amazon if the wrong image is being displayed by different or unauthorized sellers.

Bullet Points – We review the product bullet points for errors, optimization and clear messages for the buyers.

Seller Competition – Our team closely reviews competitor sellers for pricing differences or possible issues.

Customer Returns – We monitor returns and refunds submitted to buyers. It is important to understand why a return happened so future returns can be avoided. If Amazon caused the reason for the return, such as damage during shipping, our team will create a case with Amazon to hold them accountable and make sure a refund submitted to you for the damaged product.

New Products – Our team carefully reviews Amazon for new products that could compete with your product(s). As needed, we will add keywords and competitive information to the product pages.

Promotions/Coupons – We monitor the advertising budget, ad options, active & expiring promotions, and coupons for new opportunities or duplicate them for the following month.

Storage Fees – Storage fees can quickly add up and sneak up on you. Our team is trained to monitor the storage fees for each product including those in long term storage. We will prevent you from being charged high fees.

Changes in Competition – We monitor any changes in competitors. In doing this, we watch for an increased amount of additional sellers or other promotions affecting your sales.

Registered Brand Storefront – Our team is trained to create a visually appealing storefront for your buyers to promote your products to their fullest potential.

Enhanced Brand Content – In addition to creating successful storefronts, we also specialize in adding appealing and informative enhanced content about your brand. This content will set your product apart from others like it.

Review Social Media Sites – We review each product on social media for new videos, reviews, images, etc. that can be used on the storefront or in the enhanced content on your product page.

Product Insights – We closely review the insights page for each product.

Product Pricing – We review the prices of all of your products and make adjustments as necessary. Amazon is competitive and it is important to reflect that with your pricing. We are specially trained in how to adapt to the always changing selling platform.

Brand Registry – Our team takes all the stress of registering your brand(s) on Amazon.

Generate Reports – Generate monthly reports for sales, inventory, velocity, and advertising for review

Phone Call – We commit to make a monthly phone call with you to discuss your reports, products, sales, and answer any questions you may have.

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