Warehousing & Processing

Amazon fulfillment, storage, bundling and …

Full-service logistics!

We’ll store your products in our temperature controlled warehouse and deliver them to Amazon as needed to ensure your product always remains in stock.

We can ship your website orders and will help set up an automated process to ensure timely processing.

And we can handle other shipments such as sending samples to potential customers, pallet deliveries to your distributors, and large orders to your business customers.

Processing the Amazon way!

We will process your products so that they are checked in and available on Amazon quickly and without error. Should there be any problems, we will take care of the issue and ensure that it is resolved in a timely manner. Time is money, and having your products sit in a truck on an Amazon lot can cost you dearly on both. We can advise on changes that may need to be made during manufacturing, or we can bag, wrap, rebox, or whatever is needed to follow Amazon’s packaging guidelines. We save your business time and money by doing it right, and helping you avoid these costs on smaller shipments.

Bundling & Kitting

Customers love variety packs because they want to try everything you have to offer. Or they want to buy a smaller quantity than a whole case preferring 3-6 of an item than the normal 10-12 items in a master case. We will receive products from you in your common case sizes and repackage them into the smaller quantities as needed. This saves you from having to create special packaging, and there is no need to modify your current manufacturing processes. We take what you have and create the sizing and varieties that customers are most likely to buy on Amazon. This service is especially useful when testing new products, or trying out various size combinations to see what works best. Our processing costs are very reasonable, and we will create the new variations on Amazon for you as part of our services which are free if we are serving as your exclusive retailer.

Please note that Amazon no longer allows packages with more than one glass item in them if the contents are a liquid. If the contents are a powder such as spices, then multiple glass items are allowed as long as they are packaged properly.